DFY Framework to For Real Estate Lead Generation on Automation

When it comes to real estate lead generation most marketers do silly mistakes that show their immaturity. However, It’s my promise, by the end of this article you will have a properly structured framework to get unlimited pre-qualified leads with Facebook Ads.

Before this, you would have gone through different ways to generate leads. E.g. – Some listing websites in which the same lead is being distributed to multiple realtors.

Or the most common method buying database and cold calling which is the worst and most time-consuming process.

Some other time-consuming ways getting cheap leads but I don’t want to waste so much of your time.

The method I’m going to use in this article is Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels. So, I’m going to drop down the strategies I am are going to discuss then I will break it down.

1. Narrow Down Your Niche
2. Make Your Ideal Customer Avatar
3. Create a Lead Magnet
4. Create an Optin Page
5. Create a Thank You Page
6. Install Facebook Pixels and Create a Custom Audience
7. Build Cold Ads and Retargeting Ads Campaign
8. Get Leads into an Email List and Create Followup Drip Sequence
9. Get Leads Into a Google Sheet

Some people will suggest you to remove the complexity and just run simple ads and get the leads data and call them. However, I don’t suggest this method because it requires a lot of manual work. It also doesn’t give you qualified leads.

1. Narrow Down Your Niche

This is the very first and important step in order to get highly qualified leads for real estate. When you target everyone rather than focusing on specific group of audience, your ads doesn’t perform well.

So niche down your audience whom do you want to target exactly.

Real Estate Leads
  • Looking for A New Home
  • Looking to Downsize or Upsize
  • Looking for Readymade Homes
  • Looking for Plots
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Relocation
  • Golf Homes
  • Residential Area
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Lands

The list can go on and on but you need to make sure you are creating a different set of Ads and funnels for different market segments. If you take care of multiple market segments. There is no issue in that but your strategies should be separate for different market segments.

2. Create Ideal Customer Avatar

This is the next stage which most of the so-called marketers leave and directly jump into running and then they start worrying about whom should they target. So better define your ideal customer avatar first and have a clear picture of whom you are going to target.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Ideal Customers Avatar is defined as your perfect customer who has all the qualities to buy your product. E.g. –

  1. Andy
  2. 30+ Years Old
  3. Income 600K Per Year
  4. Staying/Relocating in Gurgaon
  5. First Time Home Buyer
  6. Want to Buy a New Home

You can list more qualities in this list according to your business requirement. Once you will have a clear picture of one customer, you can target similar audience to your ideal customer avatar.

3. Create a Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is a kind of freebie that you offer to your customers to get their Name, Email, and Phone Number. Lead Magnet can be a case study or home buying guide or anything that can solve their problem or any challenge they are facing in the home buying process.

Real Estate Lead Generate Facebook Ads

This lead magnet you will offer on your landing page.

You may ask a question here, why am I not saying just put an enquiry option?

Well, you can put the inquiry option to capture lead data. The reason I always recommend to offer a case study or home buying guide because I have promised in the initial section of this article.

Case Study is something which helps your customers to relate with an existing story and nothing connect a human better than a true story. If you can give them a story which they are looking for and you have already created. It creates a strong level of trust and you find a qualified leads.

In some cases it can be an case that you don’t have a case study. In that case you can offer Buyer Home Guide because an educated buyer always converts better than a customer who is just getting multiple enquiries from different places.

Additional: You can also offer consultation call to guide them to get their dream home and on the same call you book a visit.

4. Create an Optin Page

This page is also known as Squeeze Page where you present your offer (Lead Magnet).

Real Estate Lead Generation

This page is a type of Landing Page which is a part of a specific page of your website. You can use the Tools Like ClickFunnels, WordPress, or Leadpages. If you need any assistance regarding that you can always reach out to me at anand@digisalvo.com

On this Page, visitors will submit their name, phone and email address. That will be an actual lead for that you have create this whole sales funnel.

But, are we don here? Just like crowd is doing.

A Big NO.

The real game starts here. Let’s jump to the next step.

5. Create a Thank You Page

So this is just the next step after someone submit their details on their optin page they get redirected to this page. You can mention a thank you note on this page and put links to your social media pages to get them engaged with your audience. You can also give them an option to schedule a consultation call.

Thank you page

Note:- The customer who takes the effort to book a consultation is really in the need of your help. These customers are just one step away from your sales process.

6. Install Facebook Pixel and Create Custom Audiences

Once you are done with the process of creating pages and followed every step guided above.

You need to install a Standard Facebook Pixel on each and every page you have created and custom conversion on the thank you page. For that, you should have your Facebook ads account. You can take help from these article

How to setup Facebook Ads Account

How to Install Facebook Pixels

Both of these articles has been given by Facebook itself.

Once you are done with Facebook Ads account setup and Facebook Pixel. You need to create custom audience for the all the pages. By this process you can get the data of all the people who have visited to specific pages. Using those data can retarget them again.

7. Build Cold Ads and Retargeting Campaigns

At the very first stage, you need to build cold ads to interact with the audience. It will be an ad with a call to action which will redirect users to your landing page that you made at the 4th Step to collect user’s data.

The Purpose of cold ads is getting leads and engage with audience. It is recommended to use different Ad sets with different ad copies to engage with the audience.

And with the help of custom audience you retarget the audience who has visited to the optin page but didn’t signup.

Create a personalized ads for them, introduce the opportunity and encourage again to signup.

PS – Retargeting ads always give you leads at cheaper rate and high-quality leads.

8. Get Leads into Email List and Create a Follow-Up Drip Sequence

We have discussed the optin page, you have to make sure you have integrated the email marketing software. I use Getresponse for my and my client’s business.

Email Marketing

Once users come to your list you can create a sequence of emails for follow up in advance.

Everything can be automated if any user is not responding or engaging with your emails you can remove them from the list. You would have a different level of automation you can send different emails to a different set of users to make your follow-up effective.

If it sounds complicated to you we can help you get this sorted for you.

Book a Consultation Call with Anand to Create a Fruitful Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Business.

9. Get Leads Into a Google Sheet

Once someone signup and they come to your email list you can import all the leads into an excel sheet to call your leads.

You can do it manually or on automation.

Once any user denied to continue or buy property from you. You can move them a separate email broadcast list and send emails on different occasion, when you create a case study, when you got some amazing deals, when you found something valuable to educate the buyer.

This is the power of effective email marketing. You can convert even those prospects who have denied to buy your property.

This is truly a legitimate way to get High Qualified Lead at Cheapest Cost and Get Huge ROI in the longer run.

If you have any doubt or confusion you can always drop a comment here or reach out to me by dropping an email at anand@digisalvo.com

Or you can book a 30 Min Strategy Session with me.

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