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Marketing secrets are not any hack or which can be learned by a few steps. It is purely based on science, it works according to human psychology. So does that mean you need to learn human psychology? I would say no but before you go deep into the marketing you need to understand the law of marketing.

I believe that you are here because you want to understand how marketing exactly works.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all the marketing secrets that top marketers use to scale their business.

Before I dive into it. I want to ask a question to you so that you will be able to understand the concept better.

Q. What is marketing according to your understanding?

Just write it somewhere then proceed further.

Well, a lot of people and gurus say that “marketing starts from the creation of a product and it ends when the product is sold”.

But this is not the reality, “marketing starts before the creation of product and it never ends till the time your product exists in the market”.

Just quick information this blog is the part of an assignment given by Deepak Kankraju in Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 4. I’m going to share comprehensive information about the law of marketing. This means it is a premium content being offered to you free of cost. So, just pay attention here.

Topics Covered

1. The Fundamentals of Marketing
2. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
3. CATT Marketing Funnel
4. Integrated Digital Marketing
5. Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

The Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing

There are different sources of marketing your product and services but if don’t understand the fundamentals of marketing.

It sounds more like you are proposing a girl for marriage but you don’t anything about her.

Believe me, this is the common reason behind the failure of 90% of startups. Because marketing is not just about how to sell the product. Of-course sales are very important in every business but if your focus is just on sales I can guarantee you that you cannot survive long in the market.

Sell the Right Products to the Right Person.

The very first you need to identify your ideal customers and find their burning problem and then create or choose a product that can solve their problem.

You might have heard the story of “A Thirsty Crow”. Similarly, you need to find a thirsty crow and make a product or select a product like a pot that is filled with water.

Creativity Sucks

A lot of people think that if they need to create something huge they need to be creative and innovate something which is not available already in the market. But this is not the reality if you can find a burning problem of your ideal customer. You can win the battle of your marketing. You just need to think differently.

Build a Brand

You can say this is the marketing mystery, if you need to stay long in the market you should focus more on building a brand rather than generating profit.

However, It is not easy as much it sounds but if you select a blue ocean market you can easily create awareness for your brand in a short span of time.

Blue Ocean marketing means “a market where there is not a big brand exists”. If you find your market very competitive and already it has become a Red Ocean, then prefer to go into the sub-market or sub-sub market.

The best example: When amazon had already covered the global e-commerce market. It was almost impossible to compete with Amazon in the global market. Then Flipkart started in the Indian market and now it as a very big brand name in the Indian market. And other country-specific e-commerce businesses started and have created a well-known brand name.

Similarly, others can go into a specific niche market and establish a brand name for them.

I hope this section helped you understand the basic fundamental of marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Offline vs Online Marketing

The reason why I’m talking about digital marketing because if you try to be a good marketer then you cannot ignore digital marketing in 2020. Ignoring digital marketing is like making a death-line of your business.

Before we go deep into this section let’s have a look at a quick difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Traditional marketing is an approach in which marketers target their audience via offline advertisements such as print ads, billboards, or television advertisements. On the other hand, digital marketing is facilitated online and uses paid or organic ads of different social media platforms or search engines to reach a personalized audience.

Offline advertisements can reach to a broad audience at very low cost but in terms of conversion and sales it becomes costlier.

Let’s discuss some head to head differences between traditional and digital marketing and understand which marketing is right for which business?

If Product is Generic

In case a product is generic like soap, mobile sim card, etc. and it is the need of everyone. Then the traditional method advertisements can a better option. TV ads can reach more audiences at a very low cost. According to Wikipedia India has TV 197 million homes out of 298 million homes.

Even online advertisements can be the best option for broad targeting. According to Facebook, there are more than 250 million people are on Facebook.

Here we can say it is tied.

If Product is Personalized

In case your product is only for a specific community, group, interest, location, religion. It is possible to advertise on interest-based TV channels, local TV channels, local newspapers, magazines. These sources can be a better option to reach personalized ads. However, Online advertisement can be more personalized because it gives an option to which audiences we have to actually target.

Traditional ads can be personalized but still we don’t know who is going to see our ads.

In this case Online Advertisement is a better option.

Brand Awareness

The goal of brand awareness is let people know about our brand, the instant goal of brand awareness is not to sell the product but obviously end goal is to sell the product.

In this case, first, we need to figure out from the above to points what kind of product we have. Then advertise our product accordingly. However, it is recommended to choose both ways to advertise. The more your ads appear to people the more your brand will be popular.

In this case both are winner.

Goal-Oriented Ads

Traditional ads can never be goal-oriented. We can only show your ads but you cannot figure out who is buying your product. We pay to just show your ad.

On the other hand, by online advertisement, we can figure out who is buying your product or who is interested in your product. In an online advertisement, we only pay when the goal is achieved. For example – if we have selected our goal to “purchase” then we only pay when the event of purchase happens by the customer.

Here online advertisement is a clear winner.

Re-Targeting Ads or Re-marketing

In traditional advertisements, it is difficult and a long process to figure out a specific set of audience who is actually interested in our product. But in online advertisements, we can figure out who is actually interested in our product, and for some reason, (his girlfriend/boyfriend called, payment failed or internet disconnected, etc. 🙂 ) and customers were not able to buy the product by tracking their activity.

By re-targeting, we can specifically show the advertisement to the people who is interested in our product or for some reason customer did not bought our product.

Again online advertisement is a clear winner.

Video Ads

Video Ads can be very expensive in traditional advertisement because you’ll either go for TV ads or digital hoarding ads which requires a lot of money.

On the other hand, the cost is same for all kinds of media ads, either it is photos or slides or videos.

Online advertisement is again a winner here.

I hope this section helped you understand the major differences between traditional marketing & digital marketing and figure out why digital marketing cannot be ignored.

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel by Digital Deepak

CATT Marketing Funnel works on 4 factors (Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction). Every successful business has a strong funnel that’s why they are able to drive more sales and scale their business.

Most of the people directly jump into transaction and people don’t trust them and as a result, they fail to generate sales and finally shut down.

Having a strong funnel is much important to scale a business. Let’s discuss how this funnel works.


For any business choosing a right niche is very important. Selecting a wrong niche can kill your business.

Always keep in mind your niche should have the combination of your passion, suits to your talent and a perfect fit for the market.

Digital Deepak

For a detailed guide on how to find a niche, you can visit – How to find a niche by Digital Deepak.


Your content matters a lot, especially in digital marketing. Your content determines the growth of your business. So, make sure whatever the content you are posting on your social media is adding value to the people’s life either content is free or paid.

Anyone cannot be a good digital marketer if their content is not worth the time of the audience. Anyone doesn’t want to waste their time in consuming content doesn’t add value to their life.

You can produce your content in different ways like webinars, lead magnet, videos, or blog posts.


I few highlights abut this section I have already discussed in the above section. If your content adds value to people’s life it can get high organic reach. So make sure whatever the content you are posting it according to your audience it is just for the shake of posting it. The best thing organic reach is you don’t pay anything to promote your content.

Other ways to promote your content is obviously online ads.

Organic promotion usually takes time but inorganic gives you an instant boost.


You also need to make sure your content is making people trust you or your business. Then only your customer is going to buy products from you. The best way to build trust via tripwire (offer something at very low cost to your customer or anything which makes them feel like aha…).

The other ways you can use to build trust of your audience sending valuable email or re-targeting ads.

In one sentence you need to appear in front of your audience again and again but they should not bored with you.


If above three secrets has been followed properly then transaction/sales becomes easy.

As I have already discussed most of the people directly jump into making sales and they failed to do it.

But please understand money is a buy-product of adding value via your content and once you build the trust of your target audience making sales become a piece of cake for you.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing

Integrated digital marketing means channelize your content through different ways of marketing. If you see the graph you can understand it very well.

The marketers who use this technique in their marketer. They usually do pay advertisements for their content. Then connect the interested audience to their email list and channelize their audience to do SEO of their website by sending traffic to the website, optimize their social media accounts using email marketing.

And obviously the end goal of ever advertisement is to convert the leads into customers and generate sales.

Integrated digital marketing helps to engage your audience and make more revenue in the longer run.

Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

Digital deepak

It is a psychological fact that people trust more on real than artificial. Similarly, people trust a company where a personalized face behind that company.

The most appropriate example is Patanjali, everyone knows the founder (Baba Ramdev) and co-founder (Balkrishna) of Patanjali. There was already a big brand available in the market like Dabur, Vaidyanath, HUL, P&G but more than 98% of the users don’t know the name of their founders.

However, the people who don’t use the product of Patanjali even they know the name of founders of Patanjali.

Baba Ramdev has already a brand by his name for Yoga Training. So he started making the products using the term Ayurveda. When it comes to Ayurveda people trust Baba Ji. That’s why Patanjali got a huge boost in the Indian market and after that, they dominated onto other segments as well.

The term personal branding is especially being used by digital marketers. They are representing themselves instead of their company because when people start trusting someone then it becomes easy to represent their company’s in front of their audience and get the same level of trust.

If you are into marketing or digital marketing, most probably you know Gary Vee and the kind of trust he has build for himself. But most of the people don’t know the name of Vayner Media but when his followers know about Varney Media they do the same level of trust on Vayner Media that they have on Gary Vee.

Similarly, you know Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakraju) when it comes to digital marketing. But most of the people don’t know about the Pixel Track but again when his followers get to know about Pixel Track they do the same kind of trust on Pixel Track.

However, it is is not mandatory to have a company behind personal branding. They can have the source of earning on a personalized basis. Like, consulting, coaching, selling services, or a keynote speaker.

The simple concept of personal branding is to make people trust people who want to build a personal brand. Remember personal branding should be niche-specific, universal targeting can be harmful.

Mass Trust Blueprint

Mass Trust means you built a brand where the one who follows you trust you blindly that you’ll never mislead them but it is not so easy to build a mass trust.

People trust you more when you implement the same what you teach to the people.

digital deepak

Building a mass trust is the process of learn, implement, publish content, consult people or businesses, mentor and help people to startup of create your own startup.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you understand the law of marketing and you got to know the huge secrets of marketing. However, if you still have any doubts related to marketing don’t hesitate to ask me and please share your feedback also in the comment section.

The credit goes to Digital Deepak for this content, I learned a lot of things from the Week 2 training about marketing and I can proudly say this internship program is the most comprehensive and practical program on the internet for the Indian audience.

If you want to apply for the next Batch of Digital Deepak Internship Program. You can apply here.

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