2.0 Version of Anand Prajapati

My name is Anand Prajapati I’m a struggling digital marketer today(2/08/2020). But this article is about 2.0 version of me.

Why 2.0 Version?

Everyone should have their 2.0 version determined in advance because somehow everyone becomes their upgraded version by the time passes. The only difference is if you have already planned your upgraded version, it makes you accountable as well as it pushes you to do better every day in your life.

2.0 Version of Anand Prajapati

Don’t get confused because

Anand is the owner of Digital Marketing Company which is helping small scale to large scale businesses of India to grow their business in 2025. He will be hosting a mentorship program for businessmen. He is a keynote speaker and business growth consultant.


He has made tremendous changes in many businesses, and people are thankful to him and bless him because he has not only helped people to grow their business, he has helped people to scale their businesses from debt to high-profit making.

He is the author of Book (….), (….). His book is being sold all over the world.

Anand is also travel freak, he has already travelled to his favorite destinations like Goa, Darjeeling, Nainital, Ladakh, Varanasi also some foreign destinations Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai. Now he is planning to go on long tour of Canada.

Favorite Destination

Few years back he was so careless about his health and never continued his health maintaining plan for longer but now he is super conscious about his health.

He is also very kind guy, he cares a lot about his team members, he often play games with them and be connected with their teammates as friend. He never make their teammates feels like working under pressure or being strict with his team.

People usually tell him a mastermind marketer. He cannot afford the bad experience of his clients if he found anything like that he removes the root cause of that immediately. Either he is his business partner or an experienced employee.

His company’s head quarter is in Patna. Most of his work is done remotely and his main focus is to remove the root cause of unemployed in Bihar and run an entrepreneurship movement in Bihar.


His commitment to himself is making Bihar a competitive exam state to a young entrepreneur state.

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